Hello, World!

Welcome to the first tutorial. This tutorial will guide you through your first go program.

Golang is a modern statistically typed and compiled language from Google.

In each golang program you need to define a package name at the top. So if you need to import your code into some other program you can use this package name to import. Execution of a golang project starts in the package "main". So let's define our package as main.

package main

Go follows a similar pattern as C and has a main function where the execution begins. In go functions are defined using func keyword.

This is an example main function

func main () {


Now to print something we need to use the Println function from the package "fmt"

To import a function you just write import following the package name in "".

import "somemodule"

Here is an example program to print "Hello World!"

package main

import "fmt"

func main () {
    fmt.Println("This line is printed")

We dont need to add semi colons after each line in Go. The compiler takes care of it.

The fmt package also has a Printf() function similar to printf in C. It can be used in the same way as it is used in C.

fmt.Printf("%d is a number",10)


You must print out to the console the sentence "Hello, world!".

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